Things To Consider When Hiring A Moving Professional

Depending upon how much stuff you have, it may be a good idea to use a moving company or truck rental rather than making several loads in a smaller vehicle.

Austin Money Savers Tip ATB estimated that you could save up to 50% of your total cost by renting a truck and driving it yourself rather than hiring a moving company.

Both a rental company and actual moving companies can dramatically differ in their offerings and prices. Try to get information from several companies to ensure the best deal. In addition, research online. Some services will offer an estimated online quote without having to talk to anyone. If you do get someone on the phone, however, the following are some good questions to ask.

Making a Reservation  
Truck Rental Company and Moving Company
How much time in advance do you need to be able to accommodate to my moving date?
Do you have a cancellation policy? What does it entail?

Truck Rental Company
Do you offer any moving supplies? If you’re moving any furniture or valuables, you want a company that provides or charges a small fee for thick mats to put on the truck floor for protection. It may also be helpful to have a dolly. Some services will include it.

Moving Company
How many movers come with each truck? Do you charge for additional movers?

Did you know? Estimates are either binding or nonbinding. A binding estimate is one in which you are not required to pay more than the amount of the estimate. Non binding estimates can incur additional costs up to 10%. Ask if the estimate is binding or non binding.

Truck Information  
Truck Rental Company and Moving Company
What sizes of trucks do you offer?
What size of truck would you recommend?
How new are the trucks?
What is the typical gas mileage with a full load? Do I pay for the gas or does the company?

Austin Price Check! To insure articles with a moving company, it usually coverage ranges about $0.30-$0.60/pound. Therefore, if you have an item that ways 100 pounds, the movers liability would cover $30-$60 of that item.

Truck Rental Company
Where should I pick up the truck?
Where can I drop it off? Is it possible to switch the drop off location if I find a different location to be more convenient? Is there an additional fee in this case?
Do I get charged if I need additional time?

Moving Company
Do the drivers come to my house or do we meet at the company?
Do they follow me to the new location or will they have directions?
Will they arrive before or after me to the new location?
f they are running late, do we reschedule days or begin late? (A friend of mine had an experience where the movers were running late. Each time they would call, the time would get pushed back. Before moving day she had arranged to take vacation from her job, as did all her family and friends. She wasn’t compensated for lost time.)

Truck Rental Company
Do you have an age restriction for the driver of the vehicle?
How many drivers are able to operate the vehicle?
Do additional drivers incur more costs?
How do ones driving record affect their ability to drive the truck?
What happens if I get a speeding ticket while driving the truck?

Moving Company
Will the drivers load my boxes?
Do you require your drivers to have a clean driving record?
Are they personally responsible if anything happens to my possessions?
Do they help me move into my new home or apartment?
Do I need to arrange extra help to load and unload?

Did you know? Federal laws prohibit movers to transport flammable and combustible items. Do not allow movers to take your aerosol cans, paints or other prohibited items.

The Money
Truck Rental Company and Moving Company
Are you running any specials?
Do you require a deposit?
Do I pay before or after the move?

Truck Rental Company
How full does the gas need to be upon returning the truck?
What other supplies can I have and what are the prices for them?
If I rent the car for additional days, will it cost me less? (Sometimes a week rental is cheaper than a six day rental, for example.)

Moving Company
Am I required to tip the movers in addition to the cost of the service? Is tipping recommended?

Austin Money Savers Tip Rates for moving companies are typically higher from May until September. You can save by moving in the off-season.

Truck Rental Company and Moving Company
Does the insurance only cover an accident or does it also cover any minor damage to the truck?
What do you do if something happens to the truck that was out of my control, without an insurance policy?

Truck Rental Company
If I have auto insurance, am I fully covered in the truck?
What options do you offer?
Does my additional driver need to have insurance? What options does he/she have?

Moving Company
How does the insurance work when someone else moves my possessions?
Is everything covered in case of an accident?
What if some of my things incur minor damage?
Do I need to have an insurance policy of my own?

Keep in Mind Most auto insurance policies do not cover truck and van rentals. It is important to check with your insurance provider before the move and be prepared for additional costs from the moving company.

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